Mini sprinkler for coffee tree, fruit tree

Famers all around the world are facing to the lack of water for irrigation issue. Vietnam is the second largest country in planting coffee tree. Before, farmers have good income by growing and havesting coffee bean. But recently the yield is lower, there are many reasons such as poor soil, tree get old… but the main reason is that lack of water for irrigation.
For the long habit, each tree need three or four time of water, each time need 400-600 litle by pump water directly to the root. But recently, even well under the ground 70m-100m, but sometime have no water.
From this fact, Eakarmat center (Vietnam) studies the new methods of irrigating to apply for coffee bean tree, that are mini sprinkler and drip irrigation. Both of these methods save much water, while increasing the yield. One of the micro sprinkler is made by us – Tropical co., LTD.
The feature of our mini sprinkler:
– Low volume, save water
– More distribution uniform (DU)
– Low pressure
– Can apply for large farm with small pump
– Valve included so can turn off at any tree.
– Resistance
– Fertilizing combine
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