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Gardening tools, Landscape irrigation, Window film, Solar light, Solar panel, Engergy Saving product
With more than 93 million of the population, in which ~36% living in the city, more and more building, the higher income, heating is increasing, the more people are aware of energy saving. These facts will lead to a high demand for gardening works and micro-environment improvement...<br /> Vietnam is a very potential market right now, you should not miss the chance. And feel free to contact us any time.
Aquapro nice pond

Aquapro presents its products in Vietnam by Tropical

Aquapro - Proudly Australian, family-owned and operated for over 20 years.
We’ve been in Australian backyards (front and sides as well) for more than 20 fantastic years, and we still love what we do! We share an unrivalled passion for helping to create brilliance in all outdoor areas with our unique range of beautiful ponds, water features, garden lighting and accessories.
Everything we do, design and sell, is done with an absolute focus on quality, service and affordability.<br /> And now, Aquapro products and services will be provided by Tropical for Vietnam market.<br /> Email us info@tropical.vn for more details.
Yates Seed and fertilizer introduced products to Vietnam market

Yates Australia introduce products to Vietnam market

Yates, Australia's largest and best known garden business, is committed to bring quality products to the gardener. Yates products include fertilizers, plant protection products, garden accessories, lawn seeds and potting mixes.
From its very beginnings, Yates has prided itself on supplying quality products, which is a company policy that is of paramount importance. Although traditionally best known for its packet seed range, Yates now manufactures and distributes an extensive range of garden products. These include fertilisers, plant protection products, garden accessories, lawn seeds and potting mixes.</p> <p>Some of Australasia’s most respected horticultural brand names come out of the Yates stable: Yates, Hortico, Watkins, Zero, Aquasol, Thrive, Blitzem and Dynamic Lifter. Yates trans-Tasman connection allows the company to benefit from economies of scale and a larger market. A long-established relationship with Bayer sees Yates marketing Bayer’s home garden products, an arrangement that allows Yates to bring some of the best new international chemical developments to Australian and New Zealand home gardeners.</p> <p>Yates supports a number of worthwhile gardening-related properties and causes throughout Australia and New Zealand. These include Victorian School Gardens Awards, Retina Australia, Calthorpes House Canberra, Eryldene Historic House & Garden Sydney, Community Gardens program run by Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and Trees For Survival in New Zealand.</p> <p>Yates is one of those long-established Australasian companies that has become a household name. This acceptance has been encouraged by the widespread popularity of Yates Garden Guide, which was first written by Arthur Yates in 1895. After more than a century of publication Yates Garden Guide has become recognized as the best-selling gardening book in both countries
EZflo Injection Vietnam

Ezflo Fertilizer Injection to be distributed in Vietnam by Tropical Co., LDT

EZ-FLO is a world leader in injection equipment for the horticultural industry. EZ-FLO has a 24 year history of unsurpassed quality, reliability and ease of use which has set EZ-FLO apart from many competing technologies.
Thiết bị tưới Azud Việt Nam

Azud filter & irrigation products

AZUD business group develops technology and products for an efficient use of water in irrigation, filtration and water treatment, adapting the available water to agricultural, industrial and municipal applications.
Sensitive to the problems of water, the main objective of AZUD is the development of technologies and products that allow the efficient use and the maximum profitability of a scarce resource as the water is. Tropical is proud to be the official import and distribution of Azud products in Vietnam market. For detail please call us at Hot line 19002187 or email us huy.la@tropical.vn


Hand watering sprinkler, quick connector, and gardening tools
Cellfast Group is one of the leading processing companies of plastics in Poland, as well as a leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, gutter systems, and soffits in this part of Europe, based on the Polish capital 100%. Cellfast is the unquestionable leader in the domestic market and an important exporter to many countries in Europe and the world.</p> <p>Over the years the Group has invested significant resources in a modern machine park, new technologies, but primarily in human capital. Today the conducted activities provide us with financial security and enable us to successfully operate on the domestic and foreign market, offering the highest quality products, at the same time maintaining competitive prices.
Tramontina distributor


Tramontina has been known all over the world for its prestige, mostly in cookware equipment. Founded in Brazil in 1911 and over 100 years later, Tramontina still stands strong with more than 18,000 products which are presented in approximately 120 countries. The reputation of this brand is based on its innovation, design, technology, and human capital in fulfilling its mission: to add value to the consumer in different countries and cultures, at different times and occasions. Recently, Tramontina has expanded its product lines to gardening and horticulture.
Tropical is pleased to announce that we have become Tramontina’s trusted distributor in Vietnam to distribute Tramontina’s products in gardening and horticulture including:</p> <p>Gardening tools<br /> Tools for agriculture and horticulture<br /> Pruning<br /> Sprinkling systems<br /> With previous proven experience in distributing products from different brands, Tropical is hoping to build a strong relationship with Tramontina to bring the best gardening products to Vietnamese customers.
Teco distributor

Teco landscape irrigation

Teco Irrigation was established in 2004 in Italy. Both of its founders have deep knowledge and experience within the micro irrigation system technology.
Being on the market for 15 years, Teco has provided customers with over 800 high quality and innovative irrigation products with the aim to develop sustainable water saving solutions. TECO’s constant commitment to research & development and manufacture has helped its products to be known worldwide for their quality and innovation.</p> <p>From this moment on wards, Tropical Co., LTD is officially the distributor for Teco’s all range of product in Vietnam.</p> <p>With previous proven experience in distributing multiple irrigation products from different brands, Tropical is hoping to build a strong relationship with Teco Irrigation to bring the best products to Vietnamese customers.</p> <p>To select suitable product of Teco, please visit our webstore at www.bancongxanh.com/teco
Esteras distributor in Vietnam


LIGHTWEIGHTS WITH CHARACTER<br /> ESTERAS EMBODIES THE PURE JOY OF AUTHENTICITY. Inspired by nature, these planters and fountains have an impressively authentic look and feel. The difference: these unique surfaces are made from a high-quality fiberglass and mineral composite, making them up to 70% lighter than traditional natural stone fountains.


Hand watering sprinkler, quick connector, and gardening tools
Based in Ulm/Germany, GARDENA is the preferred brand for millions of home and garden owners worldwide when it comes to garden care. That is because GARDENA offers a complete range of all that is required – no matter if watering systems, pumps, garden ponds, lawn care, tree and shrub care, garden tools, or soil cultivation. Today GARDENA is the leading brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe and represented in more than 80 countries all over the world. It takes an emotional approach to address those who regard their own garden as a "living space close to nature" and a place of well-being, recreation, and fun.

DiG Corp

Landscape Drip Irrigation
DIG Corporation, a privately held company, was founded in 1981 with the idea of providing the commercial turf and the do-it-yourself retail marketplace a comprehensive line of low volume irrigation products. Beginning in the 1980s with a limited assortment of drip irrigation accessories, DIG has expanded to become a distributor of battery operated irrigation controllers and valves and a manufacturer of a complete line of low volume irrigation products including drip tubing, dripline, fittings, and accessories.

ASWF window film

Window Film
Erickson International produces a full line of window films for the automotive, residential and commercial market at our new factory located in Las Vegas, Nevada. With our leadership team drawing from vast experience in window film manufacturing, the new machinery was customized for increased production efficiency, faster turnaround times and greater cleanliness resulting in superior product quality offered at a competitive price. One of the unique innovations that increase production efficiency is our inline three coating head with an automated rewind system. ASWF is the only manufacturer with this type of system.</p> <p>In the early days of 2018, the two partners ASWF and Tropical had cooperated to introduce High quality of Window film ASWF to Vietnam market.</p> <p>Tropical will distribute all range of ASWF window film. Said Mr. Duc - CEO of Tropical, at the first stage, the company will focus on the residential and commercial market. It is Tropical's strength.
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I contact Tropical very early for my E34 EV charger and got all the support from Tropical EV Charger team.
Beny charger 22kW, 32A had been install in our company.

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