company history

The company had been established from 2016 from the first idea that appeared on our mind since 2011. The idea was how to make a better life for citizens who live in apartments.

  • 2011

    The idea

    When we attended the MBA class at Hanoi School of Business (Vietnam National University). In the summer, the temperature in Hanoi could reach 40-43 degree Celsius on someday.
    At that moment we thought, we must do something to reduce the temperature inside the apartment.
    This leads to "Bancongxanh" today. Bancongxanh means "Balcony Green".

  • 2013

    The first business by Nha Be Agri company

    From the first idea, we contacted Hozelock, Gardena to distribute their products here. But we failed at that time.
    Luckily, from hundreds of emails sent, the first company replied offering us an opportunity, that is Nelson Irrigation. And instead of doing business in gardening, we started off as an agriculture irrigation supplier.

  • 2013-2016

    Success with irrigation business

    From the cooperation with Nelson, we continue to cooperate with Ducar, Irrifrance, Seowon, Rivulis to do marketing and distribute their products in Vietnam. And we quickly become the most active company in the irrigation business.

  • 2016

    Startup with Bancongxanh project

    After 03 years of operating the Irrigation project we kick-off the "Bancongxanh" project for urban areas - people who are living in apartments. The new company was registered, Tropical Co., LTD, to run this project.
    Right after establised, we now distributor for Cellfast, Gardena, Johnson Window film; and to be the partner for D.T Brown, Johnsons, and Mr. Fothergills seed.
    We continue to source out more useful products to improve the living quality for urban citizens.
    We now forcus on Gardening tools & equipment, Energy saving products such as Window films, Solar energy...
    "Bancongxanh" means "Balcony Green".

  • 2017


    We will land in the end of 2017. Please email to us

  • 2018

    Continues growing

    Cooperating with Esteras - Germany: A premium manufacturer in Composite Planters and Fountains

  • 2020

    Open the first showroom/store in Ho Chi Minh City

    The store is supplying all gardening and landscape equipment and features included: Landscape irrigation, Gardening tools, Mix soil, Fertilizer, Planter boxes, Pond and water feature, Green tree, Wall garden, Prune…
    In this year we also cooperate with ACE, a retail store from USA to introduce our gardening equipment to a wider target buyers.

  • 2021

    Substrate and Potting mix soil manufacturer

    After years of R&D we launched the first fours substrate and Potting mix soils included: Rose and Bush Potting mix; Monstera and Leaf tree potting mix; Orchil potting mix, and Cow manure.
    All is in high quality range with focusing on export market.

  • 2022

    Ice pack gel manufacuter

    By the rapid developing of cold keeping for Seafood, Vaccine and lack of supplier for domestic demand, we had invested in the new business of Ice pack gel. The factory base in Hiep Phuoc IZ,and will serve for market in south Vietnam from 2022.

  • 2022

    EV Charger distributor

    The first Electric car of Vinfast (VF E34) had been launched in Dec 2021, and surely that the market for Home EV charger shall be highly expand rapidly. EV charger team had been established to do marketing and distributing jobs from May 2022.

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I contact Tropical very early for my E34 EV charger and got all the support from Tropical EV Charger team.
Beny charger 22kW, 32A had been install in our company.

Tran Manh Tri
CEO, Promatic